Superfood Smoothie Bowl!

Acai bowls have been blowing up our Instagram feeds for the last little while so I decided to give it a try myself!

I have a smoothie on the regular so I used my main regular ingredients plus some. For my bowl I used: Greek yogurt, frozen mixed berries, fresh banana, superfood powder mix (as my bulk barn was out of acai powder), mixed together and topped with granola and almond halves.

It turned out great! It was much more feeling than my daily smoothie and was the perfect alternative for a healthy meal 🙂 


Go-to Moisturizer

As I tend to have very dry and dehydrated skin I am always up for new moisturizers to try! Although I love many other moisturizing products, my holy grail/never fail go-to to by La Roche Posay Toleriane Riche. I was first recommended to use this product by a dermatologist and haven’t stopped since.

La Roche Posay offers multiple lines for different concerns. Aside from the Riche, I have also used off and on their Effaclar line which has given be proven results in regards to acne.

After using this moisturizer day and night, I notice results over night, and after a few days my dry skin is almost eliminated. Even after eliminated, I need to continue regular use (or my dry, flakey skin will return). If you’ve tried or found one you think is better, please comment! If there’s any you’d like me to try, also let me know! 


L’OREAL Infallible Foundation Review

Chances are, if you ask me about a foundation- I’ve tried it! I’ve dealt with acne off and on since I was a teenager so I’m always looking for the perfect foundation with full coverage along with one which doesn’t irritate my skin. 
Currently, my “go-to’s” include Make-up Forever Ultra HD foundation and Maybelline Fit Me foundation (I’ve actually been mixing those two to get the perfect shade as I’m in between right now). I do love those foundations and I’ll do a review on them at a later time as today is about L’OREAL Infallible Total Coverage foundation. 

I bought this foundation in a spur of the moment Walmart visit! The full coverage caught my eye so I purchased the shade classic ivory and decided to give it a try! 

The result: full coverage! I was pleasantly surprised that this foundation actually provides full build able coverage. It comes in a squeeze tube and appears fairly thick  (compared to thinner, water based foundations) but for me this meant less foundation used as I didn’t have to layer as much! The foundation lasted all day and didn’t wear down over the course of my day. After using products for a few days if they’re going to irritate my skin, it happens then. I’ve been using this foundation for a week now and no break outs or irritants!

I would definitely purchase this foundation again (maybe in a darker shade), but if you’re looking for full coverage at an affordable price – give this a try and let me know what you think! 

Get Kerried Away! 

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 8.57.36 PM.png

New year – new product … coconut oil!

Everywhere I seem to look lately has an advertisement for coconut oil- whether it is for skin care, hair, dry skin, you name it, it was on the list of benefits of coconut oil. So, naturally, I decided to give it a try for myself and see if it stood up to all the hype!

The product I used was Skinny and Co Coconut Oil that I bought at Sephora for $15.00 for a 2 oz container (it can be found here: – which was more product than I expected! I quickly learned with coconut oil, a little goes a long way.

After using it for about a week I noticed improvements in my skin. My usual winter skin is dry and dehydrated but the oil seemed to keep my face moisturized throughout the day and night. I also noticed a reduction in my darker acne scar spots as well! The oil worked faster than NUMEROUS acne scar products I have used in the past.

I used the coconut oil about once a week after washing my hair from the middle to end of my hair that made it look shiny and my ends not as dry! It’s important to remember not to place near the root, as it will make your hair look very greasy.

Overall I am so impressed with the benefits of coconut oil especially in such a short time! It’s multi purpose full for all over body use. I would highly recommend trying it out. One piece of advice – check out your local grocery store first for coconut oil to try it out as a more cost effective option!

Go ahead, try it, and get Kerried away


New Year, New Product….